The Debate Over A Palestinian State

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While few believe that a Palestinian State is the ultimate solution to our Middle East problem, there are some that believe that it has certain advantages over the present situation. That’s because they believe that it’s easier to fight against a terrorist state than to fight terrorism that has no clear target.


Most probably agree that the ultimate goal of the Palestinians is the total destruction of Israel and not just having a state of their own. This is what they teach their children and this is what they preach to their people. All promises of a permanent peace after they receive a state are as realistic as the US making peace with bin Laden. Many believe that a state will certainly not bring peace but may in fact promote war and instability. It will only raise far more difficulties than it will solve and will only open a hornet’s nest.


The problem with allowing them a State is the ease with which a State can manufacture weapons of mass destruction.  The establishment of a hostile state only minute away from Israel’s major cities can be catastrophic and no different then America allowing Cuba to have atomic weapons. Putting our hopes in the belief that after they have a state they will curtail their incitement against Israel seems to be the height of folly that only Peres seems to buy. And so while a state may solve one problem, it will raise many others. It addition, it would certainly be seen as rewarding them for their years of terrorism something that President Bush has clearly rejected many a time.


And so while the present situation isn’t any good, why make it worse?