The Forbidden Tree of Knowledge

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Modern technology has brought the forbidden tree of knowledge right into the center of our own living room and with the click of the mouse we are able to access all the forbidden fruits of the entire world. We can see what’s happening in the streets of C’naan and in the cafes of Mitzrayim. We can see, hear, and read everything the Torah has forbidden. All it takes is one seventh of a second to spread malicious slander and loshon horah to every corner of the earth.

It is filled by a multitude of anonymous snakes that are more deadly than the cobra. They entice us by claiming that not all of its fruits are forbidden. The snakes claim that if one navigates his way very carefully one is able to avoid its poisonous fruit and even use it for Torah study. They point to the many healthy, delicious, and permitted fruits growing on the tree. They claim that they cannot do us any harm and will actually help us expand our knowledge of the universe. The clever snakes urge us to check it out and see for ourselves. They entice us to click the mouse and take a taste of some of its amazing educational sites. All it takes is a little push of the finger and we’re connected. What we see is truly mind-boggling. We begin surfing through a world we knew little about. At first it seems mehadrin min hamehadrin. That’s because the snakes hide under the rocks so that we can’t detect them.

It all begins when we least expect them, starting with just one little bite and then another, and another. We go from place to place and are truly impressed at what we see. It’s absolutely amazing! Everything seems fine and dandy until suddenly, just by chance, a forbidden image suddenly appears on our screen out of nowhere. How it got there nobody knows. We try to look the other way but our head refuses to turn. The enticing image seems to exert a hypnotic power and pull upon our eyes and brain. The damage has been done. We’ve been bitten by the snake’s deadly fangs. The poisonous image remains with us forever. It’s deeply imbedded in our brain cells and there is no way we can make it disappear no matter how hard we try. The snake has sunk its deadly fangs and implanted its poisonous venom into our brain. The snakes go on to vilify and slander even the greatest tzadikim of the present and past generations and to attack all that is sacred and holy to us.

Like the tree of knowledge of ancient times which brought death and destruction upon the world, today’s modern version once again threatens to destroy modern civilization with its hate filled pages. While Adam and Chava had only one snake and one tree to contend with, today the trees and snakes have multiplied at an enormous rate. Snakes are very clever and continuously shed their skin so that we shouldn’t be able to recognize them. They attack us like Amolek did, when we are least expecting him, and when our belief in Hashem has been weakened.

While many businesses require that we trek through this dangerous jungle, we must be careful to use adequate filters and not let our curiosity get the best of us. Never lift up a rock, for it may have a snake lying underneath. Keep away from the sewers that are full of dangerous poisonous blog rats that carry a deadly virus that can kill millions. Always remember that you are playing with high voltage live wires. One mistake and you are zonked. Curiosity killed lots of cats. The only way to kill a snake is to step on its head.

As the Mashiach draws closer, the Satan does everything in his power to delay his coming. That’s because he knows that the day he arrives he’ll be put to death.