Freedom without Limits

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Everyone is in favor of freedom, but when it has no limits or well defined boundaries, it becomes very dangerous. Freedom of speech is a mark of democracy, but when it is used to spread obscenities, hate, and lies, it can destroy mankind. Sdom law allowed people to trade wives, engage in immoral acts, and do as they pleased, all in the name of freedom.

Once again, left-wing activists in Israel want to use their democratic rights of freedom of expression to fill the streets of Yerushalayim with a parade based on an abomination just as was once done in the streets of Sdom. It seems as if people will never learn any lesson from the past and will continue following their beastly passions and desires no matter where it will lead them. They see absolutely no connection between terrorism, and war, to our compliance to G-d’s laws since unfortunately, for the most part; they have abandoned and severed their connection to Sinai and become a nation like all other nations.