History Repeats Itself

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We ‘re told that “Maaseh avos siman l’bonim” – that which happened to our Fathers is a sign of what will happen to their children. Those who’ve studied the story of Yaakov’s dealings with Lavan Ho’arami, the world’s master cheater and conniver, will surely remember how Lavan tried to change his agreement with Yaakov a total of one hundred times. The Gemara in MesechtaBrochos warns us never to sit down on an Arami’s bed because of a story that happened to Rabbi Papa. Rashi explains that an Aramaic woman owed him lots of money and she plotted a clever scheme in order not to have to pay him. She took her small child who was dead and she placed him under the cover of a bed. When Rabbi Papa came to visit her in order to collect the money she owed him, she asked him to sit down on the bed. This way she could later claim that he sat down on the child and thereby had crushed the child to death and she would thereby get rid of him. Rabbi Papa must have suspected something and refused to sit down on the bed, thereby avoiding her trap.

Still today, Yasir Arafat is playing the same game that Lavan played in ancient times. The Arabs murder their own children and then later claim that the Jews killed them. Recently, a picture appeared of a murdered Jewish child with a New York Times caption telling how Jews kill innocent Arab children.

Torah Jews have always known that Arafat’s agreements are no better then his father Lavan’s where, his goals are the very same. It’s “Lavan bikaish l’akor es hakol” – he wants to destroy us all chas v’shalom! Anyone that dares trust any of his agreements must be delusional since he has absolutely no intention of keeping any of them. US pressure on him to denounce terrorism is simply ludicrous since he talks from two sides of his mouth. The speeches he makes in English are entirely different than the ones he makes in Arabic. While Yaakov calls the peace pact he makes with Lavan “Gal Ed,” Lavan calls it “Y’ga Sa’adusah.” He’s always got his own Aramaic version of it! Only in Aramaic can targeted killings of suicide bombers be called assassinations of innocent people, self-defense described as excessive force, territory captured in the course of a war referred to as occupied territory, murderers referred to as liberators and Jihad as peace!

While Yaakov erects a large stone monument to serve as proof of their peace pact, Lavan decides to set up a flimsy pile of stones that he can easily remove at will. He claims of some secret agreement that he made with him at a place called “Mitzpeh,” yet no such agreement can be found anywhere.

The US and the UN have already learned that Saadam Hussain’s agreements to allow inspectors to monitor his arsenal of secret weapons are worthless and have declared war on all terrorists and those nations harboring them, yet they have left out the chief terrorist himself from their list. As long as even one Papa terrorist and Mama terrorist are left alive, there will always be plenty of baby suicide bombers to continue their job!