Intelligent Design

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Science must be based on reason and logic. If a scientist were to read an encyclopedia he would certainly assume that it was written by a very intelligent person and was not the result of an accidental spillage of some black ink. If a space ship landed on the moon and discovered a computer laying there, you can be sure that scientists would have to admit that the computer was the result of intelligent design and certainly not the result of some chance mutation or Big Bang that occurred over many years. Any scientist who would dare claim that the computer was the result of some accidental changes of nature, randomness, or mutations that occurred over billions of years would certainly be sent to a good psychiatric ward for observation. Such theories would represent the height of absurdity and not we worthy of debate. The proof that such a theory is within the realm of reason would be the responsibility of the one making the claim.   While scientists have a right to come up with all
sorts of theories, they do not have a license to misrepresent contested or weak ideas as undisputed fact. While some scientists may not want to believe in a G-d, they cannot deny that everything in the world shows signs of intelligent design. What greater proof of this is the very existence of a human being or even the human brain?
At the very young age of three, our great Father Avrohom carefully examined the world around him and saw that everything in the universe showed signs of intelligent design. He studied the stars and the planets and saw how they followed a very exact and precise pattern and didn’t just move about haphazardly. He observed the many creatures that filled the world and realized that they were the result of intellectual design. He was forced to conclude that only a G-d of superior Intelligence could have created such a magnificent universe.
As much as he searched, however, he was unable to find the Creator of this magnificent and wondrous universe. Carefully examining the world around him, he soon discovered that there were many other forces that man could not see, feel or touch, yet they had to exist. When man jumped up there was an invisible force that pulled him right down. When man held certain stones called lodestones ( magnets ) next to one another they would sometimes seem to jump toward each other, while other times they would push away from each other. While man could not see any of these invisible forces he realized such forces had to exist. He concluded that man could not see everything around him. There were some mysterious forces that were beyond man’s comprehension and visibility.
Man carefully watched an egg hatch into a chicken and realized that somewhere inside, there had to exist both the instructions and the mechanism for this to happen but he didn’t have the faintest idea of how it all worked. He planted seeds in the ground and saw them grow into beautiful plants, trees and fruit and wondered how this could all happen. Where were the instructions and what kind of mechanism was hidden within them to enable it to happen?
Thousands of years would pass before man would find the answers to these difficult questions. It would take the invention of the microscope and many other tools including the computer to unravel some of the deep secrets that fill every living cell to learn how life works. As time went by, scientists learned more and more about the great mysteries that comprise the universe. The more they looked, the more signs they saw of an amazing intelligence imbedded within every cell, molecule and atom. The small cell that once seemed to contain nothing but a simple liquid was found to be far more complex and intricate than even the largest chemical factory. Inside it were microscopic strands called chromosomes, which contained chemicals referred to as the DNA that carried the complex instructions of life that they had been searching for. With the use of powerful computers they even discovered how some of these instructions worked. Everything worked with exacting precision and showed signs of
intelligent design.
Yet, despite all these fascinating findings, there are still people – even scientists – who still believe that life is nothing but the result of mere chance that evolved over billions of years. For decades, many scientists have presented the misconception that there are rational explanations for the origins of the universe when the only rational explanation is the belief in a G-d. Darwin’s illogical and irrational theories of randomness and natural selection are still overwhelmingly accepted and taught despite all the advances in biochemistry and physics which show the chances of it just happening by chance mutation is a total impossibility.
As science has made enormous strides in understanding the chemistry of life, it should have led them to the inevitable conclusion that there is nothing haphazard or random about it, but rather it is the result of phenomenal precision and exactitude. There are precise laws governing all of chemistry, biology and physics and nothing works at random. The complexities and brilliance found within all of life and within every cell and atom testify to a Maker of infinite intelligence. To believe that such a structured, exacting, and precise universe can somehow result from a mysterious Big Bang – a chance explosion of immense intensity – would hold water only if one assumes that this Big Bang was the handiwork of a Superior Being – a G-d.  This brings us back to square one. Only such belief would make the Big Bang theory plausible. G-d said “Let there be light” and, bang, it happened. The intricate and complex design and structure found within every creature is the greatest proof of the
existence of a Creator. And while we may not be able to see the Creator, His Greatness can be seen within every atom, molecule, cell, or creature that He created.
P.S. This short essay is not written for  scientific atheists who have decided to ignore all evidence of Intelligent Design and continue to deny the existence of G-d, but rather for those who are searching to understand why the world must have a Creator even though we are unable to see Him.