Mr. Tamir Goodman – Interview with the Jewish Jordan

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Part 1 – Discovering Personal Talents

Tamir Goodman, a.k.a. The Jewish Jordan, shares stories from his early life when he discovered his unique love and talent for basketball.  From joining high school practices to powering through tough injuries, Tamir showed his commitment to the sport of basketball from an extremely young age.  From the inception of his basketball career, Tamir Goodman was always aware that his talent came from Hashem and felt it was his duty to use that talent to the utmost.

Part 2 – Finding G-d in Difficult Times

Everyone faces tough times in life that threaten to prevent them from achieving their goals.  In this segment, Tamir Goodman describes a few of the early setbacks he faced in his basketball career.  He describes how despite these challenges he was able to find major blessings and realize his full potential.

Part 3 – Living the Dream

Tamir Goodman’s ultimate goal in life was to play basketball at the highest level without having to compromise his Judaism.  When he got recruited by Towson University, this dream became a reality.

Part 4 – A Light Unto the Nations

Despite playing college basketball for an entirely non-Jewish team, Tamir Goodman was able to observe all the Jewish customs not just with the acceptance of his teammates, but with their full support and encouragement.  In this segment, Tamir Goodman speaks about the amazing positivity he found among his teammates simply by remaining strong in his convictions.

Part 5 – A Message from the Lubavitcher Rebbe

In this segment, Tamir Goodman shares the powerful message he received from the Lubavitcher Rebbe when he was facing one of the lowest points in his career.  The message however, came not through traditional means, but through the “chance” viewing of an encounter between Avner Shaki (former Israeli politician) and the Lubavitcher Rebbe.  As this fascinating twist of events unwinds, Tamir Goodman tells the story of how, despite enormous setbacks, he was able to rise even higher than before.

Part 6 – The Gift of Shabbat

Observing Shabbat was something that threatened Tamir Goodman’s career from the early years.  It meant that he couldn’t play for the top college team in the nation, The University of Maryland.  Yet, despite the seeming challenge of Shabbat, Tamir Goodman shares his belief that his observance of Shabbat is actually what allowed him to succeed in his career.

Part 7 – Lessons from Basketball

What is the spiritual message behind dribbling? Shooting? Passing?  Through his extensive work with children, Tamir Goodman has been able to take the timeless messages of Judaism and transmit them to the next generation through a language that they already speak: Basketball.