Meshuggenah Charedi Rabbi Holds Public “Smashing iPhone Ritual” In Shul

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Here you see a Meshuggenah Charedi Rabbi holding a public “Smashing iPhone Ritual” in Shul. The phone of choice, of course, was the expensive iPhone. This ritual was invented as a Segulah for having children. Whatever…

The iPhone has been known to be sturdy, I guess nothing though can match up to the force of a hammer!

IY”H the childless couple should have children, but not through this. Blatant denial of technology is not Judaism. That said, if the iPhone takes the couple away from more intimate activities, then there’s something there, but smashing a phone that costs an Israeli Kollel guy a huge sum of money is not the answer IMHO. I don’t believe that Kaparah on money is done through blatant Baal Tashchit, as is seen here.

Speaking of smashing, check out this Seinfeld clip at 2:05 🙂