I’ve Seen the Enemy and They Are Us

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As fantasies of peace are suddenly shattered and the
realization that Israel¹s leaders have been deceived
and bamboozled  into following  a process that may
lead to war rather than peace, it¹s time that those
who have misled us, openly admit their terrible

While anyone possessing proper foresight saw all this
coming, their voices were silenced by those who
accused all dissidents as being Rabin¹s killers.

How could anyone have failed to see what was coming
when Arafat didn¹t even attempt to hide his
intentions? He openly told his people exactly what he
had in mind and  kept no secrets.  He openly taught
his people that he intends to destroy any vestige of a
Jewish State and printed it in his textbooks for every
little child to read.

Who could fail to see that peace was only an illusion
when he openly announced at a recent  Arab Summit that
³our people are continuing on their road to Jerusalem,
the capital of the Palestinian state… whether Barak
accepts that or not.²?  The myth of  the so-called
³peace process² could be heard loud and clear and only
the blind and deaf could fail to heed them. Ten
measures of stupidity were bestowed upon the world but
only a fool takes  all.

How many times can we allow ourselves to be deceived
by a Neville Chamberlain who waves the flag of ³peace
in our time² but only drags us deeper into war?

When will Israel stop its march of folly and go on the
offensive rather than allow itself to be misled by a
world that has never been known to love Jews or have
their best interests in mind?

The French have a long history of anti-Semitism dating
back to Dreyfus. England showed its true colors when
it blocked all immigration to Palestine, keeping the
Jews prisoners in Hitler¹s inferno. FDR whom Jews
believed to be their best friend, showed his true
colors when he closed his ears to the desperate cries
of the few hundred Jews aboard the St. Louis for whom
he could not find space in the land of the free and
the home of the brave.

Unfortunately, we have no one to blame for the present
disaster but ourselves. Who in his right mind gives
arms and ammunition to one¹s sworn enemies based on
the promise that he will use it only for target
practice? Who arms  his sworn enemy and even gives
them the hills from which they can fire upon our
Jewish settlements? Who allows Arab killers to
firebomb Jewish holy sites, and gleefully murder
Jewish men, women and children without taking strong

It’s a matter of record that the Intifada began
immediately after Israel released thousands of
suspected and actual terrorists and criminals from
jail.  It therefore came as no surprise that many of
them went on to spearhead the Intifada and turned out
to be those responsible for much of the terrorism that
followed.  To continue to  free thousands of
additional terrorists who showed no remorse
whatsoever, and remained  determined to continue their
struggle for what they consider to be their homeland,
while at the same time pulling its army out of  Arab
towns into which they quickly ran to for cover,  has
lead towards an explosion of terrorism the likes of
which we now clearly see has led to a national
disaster.  Who’s going to be able to declare “Our
hands did not spill this blood.”?

We allowed the  PLO to made a mockery out of our every
request  to extradite those guilty of murder. The
extradition fiasco of Hamas terrorists wanted for
murder who were quickly put on a mock trial to prevent
them from falling into Israeli hands, clearly shows
how interested they are in uprooting terrorism.
Relying on the P.L.O. to fight terror is no better
than  hiring the Mafia to guard Fort Knox.

Playing down, rationalizing or covering up Arafat’s
Jihad rhetoric is exactly what many did when reading
Hitler’s “Mein Kamf”.  To trust a terrorist, whose
hands  drip with Jewish blood that he now wants peace,
is to believe Sadam Hussein that he will use an atomic
reactor for peaceful purposes only. Only those
suffering from self delusion can claim he did
teshuvah. To him, it’s business as usual as he
continues to glorify and aggrandize the “martyrs” of
the Palestinian struggle while paying lip service to
the condemnation of terrorism. It’s all just a ploy to
fool the enemy. His  promises to change their charter
which calls for the destruction of Israel is as likely
to  happen as the Klu Klux Klan denouncing racism.

Allowing a Palestinian state to be set  up within
short range of our cities makes about as much sense as
allowing Cuba, Iraq, or Libya to possess nuclear
weapons. It should not have been too difficult to
predict on whose side Arafat and his thousands of
Israeli armed henchmen will be when G-d forbid war
ever breaks out between Israel and her “friendly ”
neighbors. While Israel’s own generals and security
services kept warning of the great danger that lies in
the wake of returning the West Bank, Peres and Rabin
insisted that they knew better.

A government that rules with a majority that includes
its sworn enemy has little right to call itself a
Jewish government nor  represent Jewish interests.
While it claims  to be a democracy, it uses its police
and army to suppress all lawful dissidence on the
premise that it harms the peace process.  What peace?
What process?

Arguing that there is absolutely no alternative to
today’s peace process is no different than one who is
about to commit suicide on the premise that there are
no other options. As any person knows, not every
problem has a solution. Any historian is aware that
there are century-long conflicts still going on today,
with no solution in sight. (Bosnia is but one
example). Only a madman seethes with rage, fury and
indignation  at those who don’t permit him to commit

Calling for a secular revolution, shows how little
Barak comprehends the lifeline of the Jewish nation
and the source of our existence throughout our two
thousand year exile. It was certainly in their zchus
that Israel was victorious in its many battles against
far superior odds. One wonders how Barak explains his
coalition partnership with Arabs who neither serve in
the army nor pledge allegiance to the state. Just
remember how they stood on their rooftops cheering, as
Iraq’s scud missiles came flying over Israel’s skies.
Let¹s always remember the barbaric manner with which
they mutilated the bodies of two reservists, literally
tearing them from limb to limb. Let¹s remember how
their mobs destroyed Joseph¹s tomb and the ancient
synagogue of Yericho with vicious glee.

Calling Israel’s rights to its holy cities “an
antiquated land-registry book” and just “a piece of
real estate” shows how much value Israel¹s leaders
place on Kedushas Eretz Yisroel and how much belief
they have in G-d’s given word to our ancestors.

How tragic that in only 50 years we’ve already
forgotten the lessons of what happens when one tries
to appease his enemy. It’s time our leaders admit the
folly of their warped and suicidal peace process.

We saw them cheering our  enemy from their rooftops.
We heard their constant chants of “Gas Tel Aviv”. We
watched them smuggle in arms whose intended use was as
clear as day. We looked on as they  released
terrorists as if they were going through a revolving
turnstile. We stood idly by as they broke every
agreement they signed even before the ink had dried.
We accepted agreements that were as flawed as
Chamberlain’s “Peace in our Time”. We listened to
their lies over and over again and made believe that
this time they’re telling the truth. We saw Arafat
break his word brazenly,  yet continued to negotiate
with this  cynical murderer who uses his own children
as human  shields,  as if he¹s  our “partner in
peace”. We watched their terrorists cross our border
and blow up innocent men, women and children and
continued to allow them access to our places of work.
We ceded more and more territory each day for a
imaginary peace that never came. We shook the bloodied
hand of a mass murderer in the belief that he has
reformed. We were asked to believe that his call for
Jihad is a call for peace and that the PLO Charter has
been rescinded despite all evidence to the contrary.

We allowed a madman to play hide-and-seek with
biological and chemical weapons for more than 9 years
and still believe that this time he’s going to keep
his word. We allowed them to rain down  scud missiles
with impunity, relying on the patriot missile to
defend us, only to learn afterwards that it was
nothing but a dud.

We’ve seen the damage and destruction caused by one
man  named Hitler y.s.v., yet we close our eyes to the
lessons of history.

We¹ve allowed ourselves to be condemned and denounced
repeatedly  by a U.N. that once equated “Zionism with
racism” and still insist that the world means us no

We put our trust in U.S. and world security assurances
when history has shown  us how much they can be

When will we stop being so gullible? When will we
realize that it is only our great Torah leaders that
can show us the way to a lasting and secure peace. It
is only our talmidei chachomim who are marbim Shalom
. Only when the law of Torah rules supreme,
will true peace reign once again