The Road to Peace

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History isn’t decided by majority opinions; outcomes often pronounce harsh and eerie judgments on those who tried to force events. The supposedly sane are sometimes seen in retrospect as insane, while the “lunatics” are sometimes proven to be the real sane ones.

Before WWII there was a little man in Vienna named Julius Steinfeld. He seemed to have a vision that turned out to be deadly accurate. He was one of the very few people who fully perceived what Hitler was up to and tried to alert Jews of the impending Holocaust. He was condemned as a lunatic and rabble-rouser. Tragically, however, he was vindicated by history. The majority was dead wrong! Hitler could not be appeased by a piece of Czechoslovakia nor by anything else.

Only fifty years later, it seems that this lesson has long been forgotten by today’s pacifists.

The slogan of “Land for Peace” is being parroted by those who believe that all the Palestinians want is a state of their own on the West Bank with a piece of Jerusalem as its capital. “So why not give it to them in exchange for an eternal peace? Isn’t it a bargain?” cry the champions of peace.

Arafat is portrayed as an honest partner in peace despite his own vociferous contempt for the entire deal. His screams of “Jihad” are ignored. His refusal to extradite terrorists, as agreed at Oslo, are totally overlooked. His promise to change the PLO Charter (for whatever it’s worth) is shoved under the carpet and all his violations of the Oslo Accords are dismissed with utter disregard. And when Netanyahu cries foul, the world gang-tackles him down to the ground and brands him as an intransigent enemy of peace.

Real peace means that Jew and Arab can live side by side in the same towns and villages without fear of being massacred. Yet when Israel dares even mention construction in existing settlements, it is immediately decried as anti-peace. Doesn’t that clearly mean that the Arabs don’t want a true peace but rather a Judenrein state? Before the state existed, isn’t that what triggered the Hevron massacre in 1929?

The few realistic people who try to alert the public to Arafat’s true intentions are labeled extremists and war mongers. Those who warn us that it’s not “land for peace” but “land for more land” are labeled “right-wing hot heads” and accused of bringing Israel closer to war.

All sense of reality of where we are heading has been lost. We are willing to accept the word of a notorious liar and murderer, despite all the blatant contradictions in his own statements and deeds. We still believe that the U.S. will bail us out in time of need and that Clinton will not abandon us if Arafat breaks his agreements! American Jews have not had such blind faith in a president – since FDR!

Let them do some research and find out what a real Jew-lover F.D.R. was during WWII.

Let them find out on whose side the, supposedly, neutral nations stood during the Holocaust. The truth about Switzerland, Britain and even Sweden is slowly emerging. It’s no secret anymore. Let them listen to the tapes of our friend Nixon and see what he really thought of the Jews during the Yom Kippur War.

To the world, the best solution to the Middle East problem would be for Israel to disappear from the map. Then they will gladly establish Jewish museums to honor our great contributions to the human race.

It’s time we realize that hardly anyone is looking at what’s best for Israel but only at what’s best for themselves. And it’s OIL and only oil, that greases the wheels of world politics!

Yes! The road to peace is covered with lots of oil and is very, very slippery. Better drive slowly and carefully lest the brakes not work, and there may be no one there to catch you when you go cascading down a bottomless cliff!