Taking a Lesson from History

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As we make our way through Jewish History some people may wonder why Yehosuah and Klal Yisroel treated their enemies in such a harsh and cruel manner, torturing their kings by cutting off their hands and feet and setting their cities on fire, destroying every last man, women and child. When King Shaul allowed one Amolayki to remain alive, his kingdom was taken away. There could not be the slightest bit of mercy shown to our enemies. War had to be waged without any feeling of compassion or mercy. Our mistake is that we simply underestimate the great cruelty and hatred that our enemies had for us. It’s only when one studies the Holocaust and when we see the pictures of how the Arab terrorists brutally kill our innocent men women and children that it all becomes clear and makes sense.


When America dropped an A bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki many criticized them for being too harsh for killing innocent people. Today when some bombs mistakenly kill civilians there is an immediate outcry by some who tell us that the war is not being fought properly.


Israel is presently engaged in a war against terrorism yet we are fighting the war as if our hands are tied behind our back. Instead of fighting the war with every weapon in our arsenal we are always looking over our shoulder to see what the world will say. That same world that looked on in total silence when six million of our people were slaughtered, gassed and burned in the ovens of Auschwitz is now telling us what to do. Where were they when Jews were being gassed and slaughtered?


Things like transfer that was once outlawed as “Kahanism” and considered racist is now being heard by mainstream politicians as well as a majority of the public as they slowly realize with whom they are dealing.


It seems outrageous that the attorney general recently banned a poster declaring, “No Arabs – No terrorist attacks” as racist. Since when does the law protect terrorism and forbids us from calling a murderer by his real name? These laws represent a holdover from the laws of Sedom, which protected criminals and punished the innocent!


When Israeli jets bombed Saddam Hussein’s nuclear reactors in June of 1981 they were condemned by the entire world. Yet, I wonder what world history would have looked like if Hussein would have been armed with nuclear weapons during his war with Kuwait and the US? If Israel had waited for the world to give it a green light before protecting itself than I wonder if we’d be around today to talk about it!


When the UN that once equated Zionism with racism now refers to Israel’s settlements in the West Bank as illegal and on occupied territories, one should realize that seventy wolves surround the one sheep and want to devour it.


Let’s just remember that “V’Hakodosh Boruch Hu, matzileinu mi’yodom.”