“The Best of Doctors Will Go To Gehenom”

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Many religious doctors are extremely perturbed by this seemingly strong condemnation of doctors who have dedicated their lives to helping others. However, even the best of doctors must admit that medicine is not a perfect science. Often, the medicine they prescribe can cause great damage and even cause death. While the doctor had the very best of intentions, the patient died on their account and therefore they will be found liable in the Heavenly Court. A human is guilty even when he causes damage unintentionally.

However, doctors need not be very concerned and needn’t worry. That’s because the Gemara in Chagiga says that there are those to whom the fires of gehenom will not do any harm. And so while doctors will have to go through the fiery fires of gehenom, they will remain unharmed in the same way that those who are known to be able to walk barefoot on flaming coals do not burn their feet.

The Gemorah says that when a fire burns for seven years it creates a “Salemandria” that can be used to smear on one’s body and prevent it from getting burned. The great mitzvos that doctors do will most certainly also protect them from all fires.

And so doctors can rest assured that what they do for others, Hashem will repay them a hundred-fold.