Two Different Messages

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Things haven’t changed much since the time Yaakov and Lavan made their peace agreement many thousands of years ago. Lavan called the peace agreement in his Aramaic language of deception calling it Yegar Sahdusa while Yaakov called it Gal Ed. Yaakov refused to use Lavan’s Aramaic language of deceit.

Today, too, the Palestinian Authority is delivering two very different messages to the Western and Arab world. The message to the West, declared in English in front of media microphones and cameras, glorifies an independent Palestinian state coexisting peacefully alongside Israel.

But according to documented videos of PA TV programs monitored by Palestinian Media Watch, the PA is telling its Arab audience that there will be no Israel at all, but rather that one large Arab Palestinian State will rule the entirety of Israel.

PMW Director Itamar Marcus explains that translated speeches and interviews of Palestinian leaders reveal their true intentions. Even so called “moderate” PA leaders have no intention of actually making peace with Israel or even recognizing its right to exist. Hate-filled messages are rampant in PA culture and even in children’s textbooks, which indoctrinate their young that Islam demands the destruction of Israel.

It is therefore no wonder that one cannot pray in the Aramaic language which is a language of deceit. Even the Heavenly angels cannot understand a language in which the very same word can have two opposite meanings. For instance, “In” can mean yes and “In” can mean no.

When Arafat y.s.v. was once asked why he was calling for an Intifada against Israel he replied that Intifada can also mean peace. When the same word can mean either war or peace, then it should be quite clear with whom we are dealing.