4 Species (Arba Minim) Explained

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Dov Shurin explained this on country Yossi regarding sukkos.

4 body parts:

Lulav: The spine

Esrog: The heart

Hadassim: The eyes

Aravos: The Lips


Even Maasu Habonim

Arba Minim – 4 Types of Jews

Lulav: A Jew with Torah but no Mitzvos

Esrog: A Jew with Torah and Mitzvos

Hadassim: A Jew with Mitzvos but no Torah

Aravos: A Jew with no Torah or Mitzvos

We hold them together, don’t divide.


The Arba minim counted is really 7 plants – Lulav (1), Esrog (1), Hadassim (3), Aravos (2), corresponds to the 7 Ushpizim. Yosef is the Lulav, David the Esrog.


Interestingly, we hold 2 Aravos as Aravos represents a Jew with no Torah or Mitzvos. The number 2 represents incompletion (the 2nd day of creation wasn’t called Tov, partially because Hell was created then, partially because we are still completing Day 2. Also, look for a geometric shape with 2 points – doesn’t exist). Therefore, a Jew with no Torah or Mitzvos hasn’t completed his/her mission in this world, and needs to become a better person through Torah and Mitzvos.


Esrog has to be Shaleim:

  • Emunah Shleimah
  • Teshuva Shleimah
  • Refuah Shleimah
  • Geulah Shleimah