Why? disengagement

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Some say it’s American pressure. Others claim Sharon wants the Nobel Peace Prize. Some say he’s gone berserk while others say that he’s no different than before. Some say he came up with the idea in order to avoid being indicted, while others say he’s just getting old and losing his bearings. Yet, no matter whom you ask, there is no logical explanation for the bulldozer’s strange “dream” of disengagement.

The Gemora in Mesechta Gittin 58 tells us that there was once a young boy who was imprisoned in Rome. Rabbi Yehoshua ben Chananyah stood outside the prison and called out, “Who has given Jacob to spoil, and Israel to plunderers?” When the young prisoner heard the question coming from outside his jail cell he called out, “Is it not Hashem that has brought about our present fate? We have sinned against Him and did not follow in His ways and did not listen to the Torah.” When Rabbi Yehoshua ben Chananyah heard his answer he said, “I am certain that this boy will become a great rabbi.” Yes, a young boy in prison realized the reason for his troubles yet we adults seem to blame everything on others.

The posuk tells us that, “Lev melochim v’sorim b’yad Hashem,” – the hearts of kings and princes are in the control of Hashem,” and therefore it’s all a Heavenly decree. But why? What have we done wrong?

While we have merited to return to our beloved Land after suffering through a long dark and bitter golus, we are suddenly awakened to the fact that one can be in golus even in his own Land. Suicide bombings and terrorist attacks, plus constant wars, have plagued us since the founding of the State and there is no sign of light at the end of the tunnel. Hopes of peace have been shattered again and again.

The Torah has taught us that Eretz Yisroel is the palace of the King and is extremely sensitive to the misdeeds of its inhabitants. The C’naanim were evicted from the land because of their corrupted morals and abominable behavior. Twice before, we were exiled from our Land because we failed to keep to the high standards of the Torah. Yet, for some strange reason, we still fail to learn the lessons of the past and persist in doing as we please and being a nation like any other nation. Our shining “light” has burned out. We have a national anthem that leaves out the very mention of G-d’s Name and we have a Supreme Court whose laws follow the rulebook of S’dom. Gay pride marches are permitted in the holy streets of Yerushalayim. Will they also permit animal and bestiality rights? The holy Shabbos has been desecrated in nearly every city and town and large new shopping malls and theaters are filled with shoppers on this holy day.Goyim are registered as Jews and marriages between Jews and Arabs are on the increase. Government corruption is running rampant and Torah law is mocked and spit at. Loyal Orthodox Jews are characterized as extremists and Rabin murderers, and everything sacred is defiled.

“Your destroyers will arise from among you,” says the posuk. No one can cause as much harm to a Jew, as can another Jew. If you want any proof, just take a look at what’s happening today. I hope I am wrong, but I’m afraid we may have seen only the tip of the iceberg!