Parshas Va’yeira – Doing a Good Deed

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Utterly amazing! Avrohom Avinu is honored by having the greatest visitor that a human can ever hope to have. None other than Hashem Himself comes to visit Avrohom. Can there be a greater moment in a person’s life than to be in the company of the G-d himself. Yet, he asks Hashem to please wait so he can be perform the mitzvah of Hachnusas archim to three Arabs heading in his direction. Doing a kindness to three Arabs is more important than being in the company of the holy sh’china. What an unbelievable lesson! From here our rabbis tell us: The entire world was built on the foundation of – kindness, Torah, charity.

A great rabbi once said that it is sometimes possible that the entire purpose that a person was sent down to this world for an entire lifetime is to do one single kind deed to another person.

The Gemora in Baba Basra tells us that when one gives a coin to a poor person he receives six brochos. However, if one comforts him with words he receives eleven Brochos. This teaches us a very important lesson. Helping others by feeding them is not the only thing that counts. One must also comfort him, lift his spirits and make him feel better. We must help him with a smile. A kind word is also considered a mitzvah, for it helps cheer him up. So, even if one has no money and is unable to help another person physically, we can still help him by lifting up his mood with a few kind words. Kind words don’t cost you an extra penny, yet for those kind words you receive five extra Brochos. Just look around and you’ll certainly find many opportunities for kindness that won’t cost you a single penny. Just think of the many times you can help someone by cheering him up with a kind word.

You are playing baseball. Your friend makes an error. Instead of belittling him for it, you say: “Oh, don’t let it bother you. Everyone makes a mistake!”

Or, one of the boys is absent from school. You call to find out how he is and even offer to teach him what he missed.

There are thousands of opportunities to do kindness. It’s up to you to look for them. If it is really important to you and you really do care, then you’ll find them. But remember! You must look for them the way Avrohom Avinu did! He sat outside his tent even on the hottest of days. Even though he was in great pain because of his bris milah, yet nothing stopped him from trying to find someone to whom he could do a kindness.

If we look hard enough, we too can certainly find someone we can help. We must just search for them the way Avrohom did and I’m sure we will find them.