And a New King Arose Over Egypt that Did Not Know Yosef

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Yosef’s great fame and reputation was surely legendary and all his great accomplishments on behalf of Egypt were certainly well known. Yet, it wasn’t many years after his death that all was completely forgotten and a change of policy occurred. Some say that a new king had taken over while others claim that it was the same old king who changed his policies toward the Jews.

Egyptian kings usually lasted far longer than American presidents who can rule for no longer than eight years. The promises of one president are not always binding on the newcomer. Even signed agreements are not always kept by a new administration. While Congress as well as the president has pledged to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem it still hasn’t happened and neither will it ever happen.

For Israel to give up land in exchange for US assurances of peace with the Palestinians was a major blunder on Israel’s part. Past experience has proven that assurances and peace agreements are short lived. When the US brokered a deal between Israel and Egypt that would not permit Egypt to move any missiles toward the Sinai border, it was broken by Egypt before the ink dried and eventually led to the Yom Kippur War. When the UN put its troops in the Sinai to act as a buffer between Israel and Egypt they were quickly removed the moment Egypt decided to go to war. The buffer was only an imaginary temporary one. Today’s deals made with Mahmoud Abbas have been broken over and over again yet Israel keeps making additional concessions. It will be a replay of Oslo except with far more drastic consequences.

Shortly, a new American president may be elected that “knows not Yosef.” All Israel’s dreams of peace will suddenly evaporate into thin air and Israel may chas v’shalom find itself with a Palestinian state right on its doorstep and with an Iran that has a nuclear capability. It doesn’t take much of an imagination to foresee or predict what will happen next. The Palestinians are not smuggling roses through the tunnels that connect Gaza to Egypt. May Hashem have mercy and nullify all the evil decrees and bring Mashiach speedily in our days.