Room 30 – Homes, the remains of homes and their artifacts found in the shadow of the Temple’s southern wall

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Exhibit 30a- Ancient Home. In the shadow of the Southern Wall of Har HaBayis, archaeologists have uncovered the remains of dozens of ancient homes.

Exhibit 30b- Ruins. These ruins span a period of over a thousand years, from the beginning of the First Bais HaMikdash to 600 years after the “churban” of the Second Bais HaMikdash.

Exhibit 30c- Mortar. An ancient mortar inside a home. Grains were ground into flour in this vessel.

Exhibit 30d- Mosaic. A mosaic floor inside a Byzantine home. For a short time, these home where inhabited by Jews.

Exhibit 30e- Plates. Most of the items in this room of the museum were found near Har HaBayis.

Exhibit 30f- Square Goblet.

Exhibit 30g- Roman Glass. The aging process gives Roman glass an iridescent patina. Today, ancient Roman glass is considered a semi-precious gem.

Exhibit 30h. Key and Spearhead.

Exhibit 30i- Oil Lamp. Note the Menorah’s tripod base. This oil lamp was made 100-200 years after the “churban.” Whenever our Chazal refer to a “ner,” they refer to an oil lamp. The oil was poured into the larger opening. The wick was set into the smaller opening.

Exhibit 30j- Black Clay Oil Lamp.

Exhibit 30k- Herodian Oil Lamp. An oil lamp from the time of Herod (Hurdos), a few years before the common era.

Exhibit 30l- Oil Lamp with a Handle.

Exhibit 30m- Metal Stand for an Oil Lamp.

Exhibit 30n- Amphora. This is a small vessel for containing perfume.

Exhibit 30o- Bronze Jugs.

Exhibit 30p- Bronze Pan.

Exhibit 30q- Ancient Oil Lamps. These date back to the Era of the First Bais HaMikdash.

Exhibit 30r- Reconstructed Room. This reconstructed dinning room is located in the archaeological site of Katzrin.

Exhibit 30s- Reconstructed Storage Room.

Exhibit 30t- Reconstructed Room. The ladder leads to the sleeping quarters.

Exhibit 30u- Bowls and Jugs.

Exhibit 30v- Reconstructed Kitchen.

Exhibit 30w- Ancient Life. From Aretz magazine, Zvi Maoz.