Jews and Germans at a Toronto Airport

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Note: this actually happened.

A few years ago I was at Toronto’s Pearson airport, en route to New York with my wife and daughter. We picked up some Starbucks coffee on the way to the terminal. Once at the terminal we struck a conversation with a sweet, elderly Jewish woman possessing a thick Eastern European accent, and she asked us where we got the coffee. We pointed in the direction where we got it and there happened to be a polite German fellow with a thin moustache sitting across from her.

Before we had a chance to answer, the German fellow got up and said that he will gladly do this for her. We started to say that we would do it but the woman told the German guy that he could get it for her. When he left, the woman motioned us to come closer, then told us with a smile and glimmer in her eye, “I survived Auschwitz, and I survived Treblinka (two camps, don’t remember 100% the names). For a change the Germans are working for me!”

We all shared a good laugh and said our goodbyes as soon as we were ready to board the plane.

I just thought to share that story in honor of Purim, and how an enemy of ours can in the end work for us, no matter how minor the capacity.

Happy Purim!