Ahuvah Chana Namimg

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baby-girl-cartoonApril 10 2014. Naming of Ahuvah Chana
If we believe, that a child must live up to their name, what a challenge, Dani and Dori have given their newborn. And the date a child is born and given their name, is also significant. Let me explain.
The gematria of Ahuvah is “19”, the same as bi’tach. Yes, she will strive to have constant beetachon in Hashem
We can learn so much from the name Chana, from the Chana in Nach. She prayed for a child, and was rewarded with one. Some wanted to know, why her tefillot were answered. One person came up with the answer. He counted the number of words in her tefillot. There were 113 words. And upon checking, they found only one word, in all of Nach found 113 times. It is the word “layv”. Yes our Ahuvah Chana, will be assured her tefillot will be answered, when she davens from her heart. Wait there is more.
Our newborn is going to say, I am not interested in children’s books. Please get me a chumash. You may ask why, so I will tell you. If you take the rosha tayvot, of bi’tach and lavy, you will see, they are the first and letter of the Torah. Who would not want a Chumash, to begin to review their Torah, at an early age
And finally, she was born on the 7th day of the month, in both the English and Hebrew calendars. Yes, she will keep Shabbat, and as such, if someone in the future states, I saw a young girl keeping Shabbat, we will surely be able to say ” oh yes, that must be Ahuvah Chana”. And let us not forget, she was named on the 10th day of the month, in both calendars. And so, is there anyone here who doubts, she will not keep the Asseret Hadibrot.
And all of the above will be achieved, because of the parents she has. The Mother’s name is Divorah, who from Nach we know, that despite all her achievemnts, she wanted to be remembered, as an Aym Bi’yisrael, just like our Dori. And we see her efforts rewarded in her two children, Yosef and Tillie
And then there is the Abba Dani. When I think of him, I think of the posek in this weeks Parsha ” Bi’zot Yavo Aharon el ha’mik’dash”
So what does “bi’zot mean?
We all recalln how on Yom Kippur we say ” U’teshuva U’tefilla
U ‘tzeddakah…..   Now we know, there is a small word on top of each of these words. So we have ” tzom, kol and Mammon”. Each of these words, have a gematria of “136” or a total of 408, the very same as “zot”
And yes, this is how I see Dani acting, when he enters his Mikdash, his home. If you take the gematria of “mikdash” it is “409”, and add to that “3”, for their three children, and you have “412” the very same as “bayit”
So I can see, that Dani brings with him each and every time, he enters his Mikdash or bayit, “teshuva tefilla and tzedakah.
Can there be any doubt, that our Ahuva Chana, will live up to her names, and the dates she was born on?  I am 100% sure she will achieve same and more. And may it be so. Amen!!