Pesach – Root of all Holidays

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A”T ( א=ת) = The first day Pesach falls out on A will be when Tisha B’Av falls out

B”Sh ( ב=ש) = The second day of Pesach will be the same day that Shavuot falls out

G”R (ג=ר) = The third day of Pesach will be the day of the week Rosh Hashana falls out

D”Q ( ד=ק ) Day 4 – Simchas Torah (Quf is Qedushat Torah)

H”Tz (ה=צ) Day 5 – Tzom (Yom Kippur)

V”P (ו=פ) = Previous Purim

This is what the Shulchan Aruch wrote.

Nice addition:

Z=’A (ז=ע) – Yom Ha’atzmaut