Top 10 Signs You’re a Toronto Jew

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Canada-Israel-Flag1. You know about Hartmans, Sobeys, Kosher City, and Perls. Same thing with Dr. Laffa, Ba Li Lafa and Hummus Hummus.

2. You know about the politics between the CORBadatz Toronto and the MK.

3. You drive a vehicle with Leaseville on your licence plates.

4. You don’t know of the Israel Day Parade, but you know about the UJA Walk with Israel. Same thing with Catskills vs. the Cottage.

    5. You put Maple Syrup into your Shabbos cholent, and/or use a hockey stick-shaped candle for Havdala.

    6. You get used to people saying “Good Shubbis”and “sawry” around you, not only the accent but the fact that they actually give you the time of day.

    7. You love to visit New York for the shopping, not the Jews living there.

    8. You are concerned that Cholov Yisrael milk/milk products costs WAY more than Cholov Stam. Cholov Stam milk by contrast doesn’t always have (or need) a Hechsher.

      9. You’ve heard of, but never tried real poutine since it can never be Kosher.

      10. You give Zichron Binyomin dollars to Shnorrers instead of real money (actually it’s like real money, but one where you get a tax-deductible receipt at the end of the day).

      Lastly, you actually “get” the above 10.