The Dove that Saved Our Soldiers from Death. An Incredible True Story !!!

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Mizrachi2Ami Maimon (of Bat-Yam) a radio announcer for “Kol Barama” shared an amazing story that he heard in the synagogue from a soldier: during an all-night military operation of an elite unit, the unit was told to take shelter in an abandoned building under commander orders. They approached a certain house before dawn to avoid being discovered. As they watched the house through binoculars before entering they noticed a pigeon standing stationary in midair above the door. Thinking this to be a strange sight (how could a white pigeon stand still in the air without having to flap its wings?), they looked more carefully through their binoculars when they noticed that the pigeon was standing on a thin transparent fishing line. They decided to shoot toward the dove when the fishing wire snapped and the entire house (which was wired) exploded and turned to dust. It turned out that the wicked terrorists hung the transparent wire so that when the soldiers enter the home, loaded with explosives, they would rip the fishing line and blow up. However, Hashem (G-d) sent a pigeon to protect them from certain death, thus avoiding a major tragedy, heaven forbid! There are no words to describe this amazing open miracle!!!

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