I Cried

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    I cried for the one whose yarmulka was knit

    I cried for the one whose black hat was a perfect fit.

    I cried for the one whose head was bare

    And I cried for the one who cried it wasn’t fair.

    I cry these days for each and every single Jew

    I cry for them to turn their hears to YOU.

    Some are close and some are far

    Some don’t even know just exactly who You are.

    My prayer, dead G-d, is that You wipe away the tears

    Not just ours, dear G-d, but Yours from throughout the years.

    Because if the pain we deel is soo passionate, so strong,

    Then Yours, dead G-d, has gone on far too long.

    The lessons that you’ve sent us we are learning all to well

    That we must join together and UNITY we’ll spell.

    Together. Together.

      Kudos to the FacebookerRebbe for this piece.