5 Low Sodium Recipe Websites

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Whether your doctor told you to cut down on sodium or you just want to eat healthy, many people are making the switch to a low sodium diet. And it can be quite a challenge sometimes to eat a low sodium diet! That’s why finding great low sodium recipes is so helpful. We’ve found you some delicious low sodium recipes to make any meal even healthier. Best of all, we’ve chosen a variety of sites that offer comfort food, gourmet food, cuisines from around the world and vegetarian low sodium recipes to name a few. Enjoy and eat healthy!


1. MegaHeart.com


Visit The Kitchen at MegaHeart.com and you’ll find delicious, low sodium recipes for every meal. From Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Desserts and even Children’s Favorites, you’ll find a great favorite of home style low sodium recipes. These recipes will especially remind you of rib sticking, comfort foods you’ve enjoyed for years.


2. RealAge.com Low Sodium Recipes



We’ve included these low sodium recipes because they are fancier than others you’ll find on the web. Who can resist a Banana Kiwi Salad? Or Skillet Seared Tomatoes with Melted Gruere? If you are a Foodie who is looking for some new low sodium favorites, you’ll want to give these a try. These low sodium recipes may be low in sodium, but they are chock full of delicious flavor!


3. LowSodiumCooking.com

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This is a paid membership site, but you can view their low sodium recipes for free – and what a great selection they have! Get ready to be impressed at the wide variety of low sodium recipes LowSodiumCooking.com has available for you. From Appetizers, Meat and Main Dishes, Breakfast, Desserts, Snacks and Sweets and much more. Dozens of recipes, different types of cuisines. This is a must-visit site for the low sodium recipe seeker. Any recipe reader who is low sodium conscious will especially appreciate the calorie count and nutrition information, including the sodium content for all of these great recipes!


4. LowSodiumLiving.com

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Be prepared to stay at this site for awhile if you are looking for low sodium recipes, they have a great selection. You’ll find their selection of recipes, and also User Submitted recipes, a great way to see what others eating on a low sodium diet like to cook. This website also has Fast Food Nutrition, quite helpful when grabbing that meal on the go with your family or during the work or school day. LowSodiumLiving.com also has a Holiday Menus selection so you can celebrate the holidays while still enjoying a low sodium, very healthy diet.


5. EatLowSodium.com

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Low sodium recipe lovers will want to visit EatLowSodium. Now their website is not very fancy, but folks, give them a chance because their recipes are terrific! Their website is filled with recipes, all original recipes. EatLowSodium never uses salt, but instead uses low sodium sauces, condiments and spices to add lots of flavor to every delicious dish. Every recipe is made healthy with fresh, low sugar and low fat foods. Find low sodium recipes for every meal, including a great vegetarian selection at EatLowSodium.com. Learn to make Mushroom Casserole, Eggplant and Zucchini, Shishito Peppers and more delicious vegetarian recipes with low sodium.