Megillas Lester – How I Would Have Added Esther (Hadassah Zeytouneh)

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1908232_626786170702131_436781167_nI personally enjoyed Megillas Lester when it came out. It was a shame that Esther, the main character in the Purim story, was left out. I think she could have been added in while sacrificing maybe two extra minutes. Very simple.

When Daniel Lesterovitch (Lester) visits Mordechai, he could have been let in while Mordechai’s wife/cousin Esther offered them cookies, fruit and tea. Mordechai would have explained that Esther was his wife and how awkward it would be if she Chas V’Shalom were Achashverosh’s wife as well. Then he would go into his whole dialogue about how “it’s not up to us to decide, we just pray to Hakadosh Baruch Hu etc.” He would then tell Lester to go home (rightfully so as he sort of insulted his wife by insinuating that she needs to be with another man – I would do the same if not worse, but Mordechai is a Tzaddik, right?).

The parallel I would place Esther in the school would be to perhaps make her a secretary, a Sepharadi/Persian girl names Hadassah Zeytouneh. Hadassah was Esther’s Hebrew name and Zeyt is Arabic for Zayit, meaning olive (in reference to her greenish-olive skin).

Just saying. I think it was a crime that she was left out of the whole thing.