Berkeley Student Reacts to ISIS flag, HONY’s Palestinian Representative at a Columbia University Graduation

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The Rabbi of my Shul spoke about the following video on Shavuos, tying it in with the fact that when the Jews received the Torah from Sinai, Sinah (hatred) came down with it. This is a must-watch.

    Oh, and I only heard of this clip the week after Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York posted this picture from a Columbia University graduation:

    Courtesy: Brandon Stanton

    Courtesy: Brandon Stanton

    No words. I noticed that in the comment threads of the picture how it was an all-Palestinian voice as the faint Jewish voices were blasted out. I know it’s politically incorrect to say this, but the Arabs’ area of Palestine is Jordan.

    If you’re looking to spew hate in the comments section, I really have no time for it. Here is a list of things you probably are going to say anyway and my retorts.

      Berkeley Student react to ISIS flag (Ami on the Street)