A Cease Fire or a Road Map to Peace?

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While the “Road map” had originally called for the dismantling of the entire terrorist infrastructure, it now seems to be nothing but another temporary cease fire as Mahmoud Abbas claims that he is unable to disarm Hamas or Islamic Jihad. And so while things have been relatively quiet for some weeks, that’s only because the Palestinians need the time to regroup and refill their arsenal of deadly weapons. By Israel and the US giving the Palestinians millions of dollars which is supposedly earmarked to help the poor and the needy, in reality all this money is actually going to buy additional weapons of destruction. While the US claims that it will carefully monitor and make sure this money goes only for its intended purpose we have already seen how easily companies like Enron and many others can deceive our government by manipulating the books. The Palestinians are far better at this game than the US inspectors. Only now are we beginning to find out how easily the UN inspectors in Iraq had been taken for a ride and fooled over and over again while looking for the weapons of mass destruction.


Even if Mahmoud Abbas has the best of intentions, as some say he does, he has no chance of success until the Palestinians give up their goal of destroying all of Israel and their rabid hatred toward Israel is somehow eliminated. It is not easy to undo the “suicide bombing mentality” with which they indoctrinated their people including their young children. Israel has already paid a very high price for ignoring Palestinian violations of the Oslo and Wye accords, and they would to well to learn from the lessons of the past.


A recent New York Times article ( Aug. 2nd ’03 ) reports  that American officials feel that the PA’s security forces are simply too weak to efficiently crack down on the terrorists and therefore accepts the Hudna cease-fire as an acceptable situation. In fact, some Hamas leaders have already threatened to end the Hudna claiming that they will never stop fighting until their entire homeland is liberated.


“The Hudna is just an illusion,” says MK Gila Gamliel of the Likud expressing the feelings of many Israelis and Americans. Military intelligence sources note that Islamic Jihad and Hamas are now in the process of manufacturing thousands of Kassam rockets while weapons are flowing freely from Egypt into the Gaza Strip through many underground tunnels.


As soon as the Palestinians are ready, they will immediately find some reason to blame Israel for violating the “road map”  and the entire Intifada will chas v’shalom begin with even greater fury than ever before. Moments of apparent hope can be very dangerous and lead one to a false sense of security. Far too much hate, hostility, and violence lies hidden just below the surface of the supposed peace plan. Many believe that Abu Mazen is the same terrorist he always was but is just using the tactic of diplomacy to achieve his goals of a Palestinian state.


How many more Jews must die before we realize that we’ve been hijacked down a road that leads to a dead end? How many more one sided concessions will the US squeeze out of Israel before we realize that we have been bamboozled into accepting a suicide pact? How many more terrorists will Israel set free getting only worthless promises in return? Unless Israel learns from its past mistakes, it’s apt to repeat them over and over again!