Obama’s good for the Jews!

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US President Barack Obama recently accomplished what almost every other Westernized country already did: create socialized health care.

As well, he’s recently been shown to have anti-Israel tendencies “in order to please muslims,” says former New York Mayor Ed Koch. Ironically, while Mr. Koch is Jewish, he’s also a renowned Democrat who has been gradually “falling out of love” with President Obama, a term he used in a commentary he published last August. This was evidenced by a recent snub against Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which ended up without an official press conference or photograph.

These factors, coupled with the still-weakening economy in the US, have led Jews of all stripes to either move to Israel or to Canada. While we’ve seen anti-Israel politicians in the past a la Jimmy Carter, moving to Israel has been eased more so now with the socialized health system. Jewish doctors, formerly making a killing in the US thanks to privatized insurance companies, will now see their fat paychecks lose weight, if nothing else does. Since their paychecks are no longer going to be the same, there will now be more reason for those wishing to make Aliyah save for “the Parnassah factor” to do so now.

If Israel is too far and too foreign a country to move at this time, Canada is, in my opinion, the next best thing! They speak the same language, English, save for a few funny misspells (here it’s ‘tons,’ there it’s ‘tonnes’), and with only 30 million people living in the country, there’s more room to grow when compared to a country with 300 million people in the US. Plus, Canadians are friendlier.

Having myself lived in Canada, a country with socialized provincial health plans, for the last 2.5+ years, I’ve heard that many Canadian doctors living in Israel today still return to the Canada for a months’ time, and with the socialized pay, they still make enough to sustain them for at least 6-7 months, and then they fly back to Israel. I’ve personally found Canadian culture similar enough to the US that the “culture shock” wasn’t there.

So, why is Obama good for the Jews? Because, he at least lets us know where we stand as both Jews and as a nation different from the Arab nations in the Middle East, whom hold their precious oil hostage until their demands are met. If we can’t supply oil, then we’re nothing but a bunch of Apartheid terrorists. America has literally turned into an “Obamination.” Whether it’s Canada or Israel, at least it’s not a country where we’re constantly being reminded by our countrymen who we are, although Canada may be next. We’ll have to see.