Shlomo Kluger – This Will Not Work

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This is taken from a chapter in my family’s history. In 1938, a certain fellow, Shlomo Kluger (no relation to Rabbi Shlomo Kluger zt”l) was a bochur in Poland with a very long, red beard. He was in love with a certain girl that lived across the countryside, and was engaged to be married to her.

Communication not being what it is today, it was found later that the girl decided to marry to a local boy, and had a child. Shlomo Kluger was clearly distraught yelled “this will not work! The whole thing will not last!” Within a month’s time, the child died (someone dropped him), the wife died, the husband died, and Shlomo Kluger himself died.

Mussar Haskel: Be careful what you wish. You may get it.