Yeshivish Green Hats

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Today, the Yeshivish thing is for everyone to wear black hats and jackets. However, most people will be surprised that this wasn’t always the case.

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, only the Rebbeim wore black hats and jackets. In a society where most people, including Goyim, wore hats, Bochrim wore hats of all colors and sizes, some even with feathers. The color of choice one time was green, and the brim of choice was a tiny one.

Yeshivish Green Hats
What happened since then? My guess is that one of three things happened.

  1. One, people looked at old, black-and-white photos of Bochrim and concluded that this was the way to dress.
  2. Two, every girl brainwashed from seminary wanted to marry the Gadol HaDor and wearing black was the next best thing for boys “in the Parsha.”
  3. Three, wives and mothers hated the green color on hats (it looked like puke, it looked like the hat was out in the sun too long, etc.) and demanded that their loved ones wear something more slimming and stylish. I guess that black was the way to go.

Who knows? I’m only writing this in order that we don’t lose this element of Yeshiva history like we have on many others.

Yeshivish Green Hats