Kosher Gatorade in Canada without Hechsher – COR’s reply

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***UPDATE – May 5, 2012, Gatorade is NOT Kosher without a Hechsher. Here’s why (click link). ***

After sending in my question on Chol HaMoed Sukkos, I received the following reply:

Thank you for inquiry,
The OU is giving the certification on the Gatorade and it is ok w/o an OU on the bottle. The only flavor that is not ok is grape.
Also the powder is not approved. You can contact the OU at 1-212-613-8241 for more info.

Rabbi M. Lebovits, Rabbinic Coordinator
COR – Kashruth Council of Canada

Gatorade for the most part is therefore kosher without a Hechsher, although honestly, one wouldn’t be missing much should it be non-kosher. The stuff is practically sugar water.