Gatorade NOT Kosher Without a Hechsher – Not OU or COR – Update

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Gatorade NOT Kosher Without a Hechsher - Not OU or COR - UpdateA year and a half ago I posted a couple of blog posts on Gatorade being Kosher without a Hechsher. I wish to amend that right now.

Earlier today, Shabbos morning I was in Shul and shmoozed with one of the members who happens to work at the COR. He asked me if anything new happened at work this week. I replied that it was the same as usual and asked him about his week. He explained that he and the COR were in the process of Kashering Gatorade! I asked him about the original replies I had gotten from the COR and OU, and he explained that the COR did some investigating. Apparently, the OU was providing the COR with (mis)information that Gatorade was Kosher without a Hechsher with the exceptions of the grape flavors and powders based on a specific process that was being used. When the COR investigated, they found out that Gatorade was being made through a different process which rendered the product non-Kosher. Now, it needs a Hechsher. I don’t know what that process is but that’s good enough for me to stop buying Gatorade without a Hechsher. Then again, I cannot remember ever doing so since the stuff tastes awful anyways, but that’s my own personal opinion.

Just a side note: If the plants are for the most part the same and Grape flavor has a Hechsher in the US, and everything is Kosher in Canada (or was) without a Hechsher, why can’t the Grape flavor have the same ruling for consistency’s sake? The grape flavoring usually never has a grape coming near the mixture, so Yayin Nesech is not an issue! Something wrong there, but whatever.

Bottom line, don’t buy Gatorade without a Hechsher. I personally wouldn’t buy Gatorade period based on how it tastes.