Chillul Hashem and Sheitels – Part II

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After reading a post on VosIsNeias regarding the recent Chillul Hashem regarding Sheitels and the Peoples Court, I have some additional thoughts on the recent events.

My initial thoughts on this is that, in giving the couple the benefit of the doubt in that they’re probably filled with Tzaros in these tough economic times to do what they just did, it still doesn’t justify how products of the Yeshiva system could have stooped so low. Not only that, but they had to go on national television with this, publicly humiliating themselves while trying to humiliate the dry cleaners. Indeed, this is a case of Talmudic proportions (Yuma 86a)!

Ways To Be Dan L’Kaf Zchus on this Chillul Hashem with the Sheitels

Here are some ways we might be Dan L’Kaf Zchus to this Couple, Heidi and Mendy, on this Chillul Hashem with the Sheitels.

  • The judge mentioned that the purchase at Georgies was for a “long haired wig,” while the wig she was holding was one of short hair. It’s known in Frum circles that all Sheitels bought have long hair at first, and then need to be cut. Yes, the cut hair is worth lots of money, but this is a necessary process in the making of the Sheitels.
  • Not many people know this but with the Georgies brand, there are 2 DISTINCT GEORGIES. Apparently, some years back, there was a family divorce in the Georgie family, leading to two distinct Georgies. Perhaps the Georgies that the Judge called up was the wrong one, and in fact the “other” Georgies outlet had indeed carried the brand in question. That explains how “Georgies is in France.” One was in France, the other wasn’t. Therefore, perhaps one Georgie wig was bought at one outlet, and the other was bought at the other outlet. Maybe the couple was looking for deals at both outlets and pitted one against the other for the best prices! Still, it surprises me that an establishment like Georgies doesn’t keep shared inventory, and that the brand mentioned in the sticker inside the Sheitel wasn’t recognized at all. Very suspicious.
  • The show was edited for a sensationalistic viewing experience, and is not the first time TV has been edited in the favor of the Goyim. Esther Petrack, another Modern Orthodox TV celebrity, was also villainized on TV.

Has the Yeshiva system failed, or have the homes failed? It’s always fun and convenient to blame the Yeshiva system for everything. In the end, these people erred, and have erred in a big way. Even if they were COMPLETELY innocent in all cases, the question remains: What on earth were they doing on public television with this? Let them take it to Small Claims court. Less intrusive and embarrassing. That was a very stupid move by very stupid people.

One can only wonder the due diligence this couple will likely receive in Shamayim after 120 years in light of what just happened.