Chillul Hashem on Sheitels – The People’s Court – Wig-ging out on a Customer

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When I first saw this my jaw dropped, especially towards the end of this video. Two innocent looking Yeshiva products from Boro Park, Heidi and Mendy, are charging hard-working immigrant workers $3,000 for damaging a $2 Sheitel (Yiddish for “wig”). That and the fact that they didn’t bring in any testimony from the “three professionals” clearly show they they were hiding something. Sheitels made of real hair can be fixed like real hair.

This is such a Chillul Hashem it’s not even funny. The video of this nationally televised show as of this posting has over 80,000 YouTube views, and is still going strong. These guys clearly were being Frum, “you know,” but not Ehrliche. They are thieves and liars, through and through and don’t represent mainstream Judaism AT ALL. Wigging out on a customer, indeed.

“Of course,” the Frum couple needed to look so smug throughout the entire process. Makes me sick. The judge was right – how can they ever be relied on again? And how can we Frum Jews ever be relied on again with shmucks like those representing us? Stupid people.

Update: the case wasn’t so clear cut. There were two Georgies and the judge shouldn’t have acted so rash. In addition we need to judge each other more favorably.

Here are followups: