Ya’Alili Meaning in Hebrew

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Ya’Alili is gibberish which sort of fuses Ashkenazi and Sepharadi cultures. In any case, here are the lyrics (courtesy of http://jewishlyrics.blogspot.com/2011/02/yaalili-eighth-day-chasing-prophecy.html):

    Here’s a translation (although justice isn’t done):

    יעלילי טאנץ חביבישתהא למזל שתהא, אי’’ה ביי דיר שתהאאת החתן ספרדי, כלה נאה אשכנזי
    רחל אמנו ספרדי, מאמע רחל אשכנזי
    באבא סלי ספרדי, רבי נחמן אשכנזי
    שתהא למזל ספרדי ,אי”ה (מעטש”ם) ביי דיר אשכנזי

    יעלילי טאנץ חביבי

    ג’ינה ג’ינה ספרדי, עוד ישמע אשכנזי
    יוסי אבי ספרדי, יום השמיני אשכנזי
    מועדים לשמחה ספרדי, א גוט יום טוב אשכנזי
    שתהא למזל ספרדי, אי’’ה ביי דיר אשכנזי

    Ya’alili, dance my beloved

    “It should be fortunate, may it be, ” (Sephardi expression)
    “G-d willing, it will be” (Ashkenazi expression)

    “The bridegroom,” [this expression is] Sephardi
    “the attractive bride,” [this expression is] Ashkenazi

    “Rachel Imeinu [our mother]” [this depiction of Rachel is] Sephardi,
    “Mama Rachel,” [this depiction of Rachel is] Ashkenazi

    “Baba Salli [a famous rabbi]” [he is] Sephardi,
    “Rabbi Nachman,” [he is] Ashkenazi

    It should be fortunate, may it be,
    G-d willing by you, it will be

    Ya’alili, dance my beloved

    “Gina Gina,” [this expression is] Sephardi
    “may we hear more,” [this expression is] Ashkenazi

    “Yosi, Avi (Piamenta),” [they are] Sephardi
    “the Eighth day,” [this song band is] Ashkenazi

    “days for joy,” [this expression is] Sephardi,
    “have a good yom tov,” [this expression is] Ashkenazi

    It should be fortunate, may it be,
    G-d willing by you, it will be


      Ya’alili tantz chavivi

      Sh’te’hey l’mazal sh’te’hey, metchem ba-dir (im yirtze Hashem by dir) sh’te’hey

      Es hechoson Sefardi, kaloh noeh Ashkenazi
      Rochel imeinu, hu Sefardi, mame Rochel Ashkenazi
      Babba Sali, hu Sefardi, Rabbi Nachman Ashkenazi
      Sh’te’hey l’mazal, hu Sefardi, im yirtze Hashem (metzshem) by dir Ashkenazi

      Ya’alili tantz chavivi

      Gina gina Sefardi, od yishoma Ashkenazi
      Yosi Avi Sefardi, Yom Hashmini Ashkenazi
      Moadim l’simcha Sefardi, a gut Yom Tov Ashkenazi
      Sh’te’hey l’mazal Sefardi, im yirtze Hashem (metzshem) by dir Ashkenazi


      The point of the song is contrasting Sefardi and Ashkenazi phrases used in the same context:

      “Rachel Imenu” (Hebrew) and “Mame Rochel” (Yiddish) are 2 ways to refer to the matriarch Rachel.

      Babba Sali and Rabbi Nachman are both revered Rabbinic figures from the not-so-distant past, one Sefardi and one Ashkenazi.

      The “Yosi Avi, Yom Hashmini” line is the only head-scratcher, but I’d bet it’s a reference to 2 well known Lubavitch bands: Yossi & Avi Piamenta (Sefardi roots) and 8th Day (Ashkenazi roots).

      “Metchem BaDir” is short-form for “Im Yirtzeh Hashem Ba-Dir.” I’m Ashkenazi and it took me a long time to figure that one out!

        Someone took the trouble to make a YouTube video out of it here:

        Unfortunately he mistook “metzshem” for “bentchen.” IMHO that’s one of the hardest words in the whole song to understand! Overall though the transliteration in the video is excellent.