Shavuot – Do we really need to stay up all night?

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Recently the Shavuot Song “Stay Up All Night” has spread and become popular. Some bored Kollel guys it seems made a Jewish song out of a Cha-cha.

Question is, do we really need to stay up all night? As I understand it, since Shavuot is the holiday of receiving the Torah we should simply learn more that night than other days. However with “a little extra” comes competition, and also, if you don’t learn the whole night you show everyone how much you learn the rest of the year. Therefore it’s become a whole-night madness.

I’ve personally had issues with this since, for myself, I have stayed up entire nights on at least a couple of Shavuot’s and ended up falling asleep on Shacharis during the reading of the Aseres HaDibros, which in my mind is more important than learning the whole night.