Gmail Saves the Day – Frum Jewish Yeshiva Guy in Picture

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Recently ZDNet, a secular website posting tekkie articles, posted an article about GMail saving the day. The article features a Frum Jewish Yeshiva guy, Avrohom Eliezer Friedman, a Florida resident with his Tzitzis flying out, showing how his car with his “shtoddy” license plate GMAIL saved his car from theft.

Gmail Saves the Day - Frum Jewish Yeshiva Guy in Picture

Apparently, when his car was stolen, a cop car stopped the car with the thief inside it. Once the car was identified as stolen, the cop wanted to find out who the proud owner of the Gmail license plate was. In Reb Avrohom’s words:

“[I] spoke to the arresting officer – he said he saw the plate and decided to run it (I guess he wanted to see who the proud owner of a GMAIL plate was). Seeing it was stolen, he pulled the car over.

Not as good as “everyone was on the lookout for the GMAIL car. I am proud to be the officer who found it.” But it’s still good stuff.”

Suddenly I feel so warm and fuzzy inside, the part where corporate America meets Heimishe Yiddishkeit.Sh’Koiyach!