Some Segulos and Their Torah Sources

  • Segulah for recovery from illness – go to a doctor (Berachot 60a, Bava Kamma 46b)
  • Segulah for longevity – lead a healthy lifestyle (Rambam, De’ot 4:20)
  • Segulah for marriage – look for a suitable wife (Kiddushin 2b)
  • Segulah for shalom bayis – love and forbearance (Sanhedrin 7a, Bava Metzia 59a)
  • Segulah for children – prayer to Hashem (Shmuel I 1)
  • Segulah for Yiras Shamayim – learning (Avot 2:5), wear a kippah (Shabbos 156b)
  • Segulah for spirituality – learning and mitzvah observance (Megillah 6b)
  • Segulah for Kavanna in prayer – take it seriously (Berachot 5:1)
  • Segulah for pure faith – don’t believe in Segulos (Devarim 18:13)
  • Segulah for honest Paranasa – learn a profession (Kiddushin 30a)
  • Segulah to prevent drowning – learn how to swim (ibid.)
  • Segulah for wealth – give Maaser (Devarim 14:22, Shabbos 119a, Taanis 9a )
  • Segulah for bumper crops – observe Shmita (Vayikra 25)
  • Segulah for old age – honor your parents (Shmos 20:12), fulfill Shiluach haKan (Devarim 22:7)
  • Segulah for children who are Talmidei Chachamim – light Shabbos candles (Shabbos 23b)
  • Segulah for a nice home – be meticulous with Mezuzah (ibid.)
  • Segulah for growth in Torah learning – fear of Rabbinic leaders (ibid.)
  • Segulah for same – gladden Chasan and Kallah (Berachos 6b)
  • Segulah for unlimited Nachalah – Berachah on a full cup of wine (Berachos 51a)
  • Segulah for wise and wealthy children – give Tzedakah (Bava Basra 9b)
  • Segulah for sitting in the Yeshiva Shel Maalah – help a Torah scholar with his business affairs (Pesachim 53b) or teach Torah to your friend’s son (Bava Metzia 85a)
  • Segulah for absolutely anything at all – daven (Source: Yeshaya 65:24, per Nefesh HaChaim)