Palestinian Arabs have Jewish Ancestry! Convert and Come to Israel!

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Palestinian Arabs come from Arabized Jewish Ancestry, not Arab.

Over the years many Palestinians have admitted of coming from Jewish ancestry, along with Judaic traditions in their culture. They would carve Star of Davids in their homes before 1948, they would light candles in Prayers, on Friday Nights (Shabbat), some Palestinian graves also had Star of Davids and Menorah carved. They even put on Tefillin when somebody was sick. They would have a Chalitza “festival” which is directly tied into the Halachos of Yibum.

Recent DNA has also confirmed that most Palestinians don’t have not close or related DNA genetics, but the SAME DNA genetics as Ashkenazi Jews, Sephardic Jews and Mizrahi Jews. During the Arab invasion and conquest of the Holy Land, the 10-15% of Jews & Samaritans who remained living in the land (After the Romans exiled most Jews) were Arabized and converted to Islam in 636 AD, but yet they still kept some Jewish traditions alive in their family and culture.

In fact, one of the Arab families hail from Bar Kochba!

Many years ago, Jews were given a choice by fanatical Muslims to either abandon their land or their religion. Some chose one way, some chose another.

This gives Palestinians a even more reason to recognize the Hebrew Jewish State of Israel and to convert to Judaism if they want and return back to their true nation.

This also goes to show that someone who loves the land of Israel enough to die for it must have Jewish roots! All I can say is, Baruch Hashem!