Gilad Schalit and Noam – Father and Son, Yet Two Different People

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I know this is a little late in posting, but I felt this was important to post.

It seems that Gilad Schalit and his father Noam are two different people. Here’s how:

1. When Gilad Schalit was released, right afterwards Noam wanted to write and publish a book that would capitalize on his son’s experiences. Gilad, mortified, said no.

2. Gilad publicly thanked Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu numerous times for freeing him. Noam hates him.

3. Gilad hopes for peace in the Middle East. Noam in a twisted way sympathizes, saying that if he were Palestinian he would kidnap soldiers. ‘Nuff said.

4. Finally, Gilad appears to be the bookish type whereas Noam appears to be the non-thinker in the family.