The Righteous Women of the Chasam Sofer Family

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Here’s the Chasam Sofer’s daughter Simcha Lehmann (1821-1911).

Just thought it was interesting. It was reproduced in Ketav Zot Zicharon (Jerusalem 1976).This was included among a couple of pages of photographs of the daughters and grand-daughters of the Chasam Sofer. Unfortunately I didn’t make very good copies of them I mean, look at this:

I’m sure some people ill wish to look at a copy so they can analyze each and every hair covering. In any case, the aforementioned daughter was probably one of the righteous women who kicked the Chasam Sofer out of his study so they could clean for Pesach, as he noted in a responsum #136 (היותי חוץ לחדר לימודי כי גרשוני נשים צדקניות המכבדים לי”ט של פסח ע”כ לא יכולתי להאריך ככל הצורך). Although it is undated, it is addressed to R. Joseph Joel Deutsch in Tarnopol, where he served as dayan beginning in 1832.


Photos and blog article courtesy of On the Main Line.