Flatbush Changed. Pomegranate, Mountain Fruit and Amazing Savings

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My wife and I just visited Flatbush for the first time in 2 years. To me, everything I knew about Flatbush changed. Then again, it could be me.


Pomegranate is a store, owned by a Satmar Chassid, that opened up shortly after I moved to Toronto. It sells products at high-end prices. Very nice store, though nothing special.

By the way, the fish there are bigger than in the Ya’alili video!

Mountain Fruit

Mountain Fruit is a Kosher, chassidic-owned store that originated in the Catskill Mountains, hence the name. It established a location on Avenue M and East 16th street, expanded to a store across the street. The previous store, when I was there, only sold Pesach goods. I guess they don’t want to mix Kitniyos with non.

Amazing Savings

When I was at Amazing Savings on Ave. M and East 18 st., Chasidic music was blaring over the megaphone and mostly Pesach products were being sold. Not bad for a non-Jewish establishment!

Could Flatbush have changed that much, or is it me?