Sparkle for me Rebbi! Chabad Rabbi sues over getting used as a model

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Note: The Chassidic person pictured here is not Rabbi Kaplun Elyashiv nor is he Chabad. This was used as an example.

A Chabad man, Rabbi Kaplun Elyashiv, discovered his picture on Landwer, a Cafe chain, website and Facebook page. In a NIS 1 million lawsuit, he claimed that the image used without his approval or knowledge. He claimed it happened in 2010 while he was talking with friends and suddenly saw his picture on the café chain’s website.

His image appeared on a page dedicated to kashrut on Landwer’s website alongside captions reading, “Strictly kosher” and “Badatz kashrut”, and the sentence: “The company ascribes great importance to the issues of religion and kashrut.”

Listen, using somebody’s image without prior consent is illegal, but it’s admittedly funny when a Chasidic Rabbi is involved.