– Online Torah Study Partners Service – a Frum Partners-in-Torah?

Print Friendly, PDF & Email - Online Torah Study Partners Service - a Frum Partners-in-Torah?Recently a website called came out with a revolutionary concept for anyone that has trouble finding the right time or person to learn with. You can sign up onto the website and select any topic you would like to learn.

This concept came out 12 years ago by a more well-known organization called Partners in Torah. However, Partners in Torah is designed to arrange someone with little-to-no Jewish background with someone possessing a Yeshiva education. Here, the option is either for you to be taught or to learn with someone in person, by phone or Skype. It’s also designed for anyone on any level. - Online Torah Study Partners Service - a Frum Partners-in-Torah?

This fills a big need for the more observant audience that is lacking in a structure to learn.

What’s amazing is that this is a free service like Partners in Torah that is powered by donations by the Jewish community.

Here is the intro video:

Technical Specs

Now for the technical part (I love getting into this):

Website CMS

The website CMS was built by MTMPro. When I look at the URLs and source code I see that they are using a framework of some sort, probably in PHP with custom code. This also is assisted by the fact when I go to I see “MTMCMS Admin.” As a web developer myself I can appreciate a nicely-built CMS when I see one. Good work.

Video Scribing Software

I am fascinated by the whiteboard drawing video technology. Looking into the pricing of the video, I went to YDraw’s website. Bottom-line, they are PRICEY! Their rates range anywhere from $5,900 for a 60 second video to $15,000 for a custom video. Clearly there’s a disconnect between their services and the average consumer.

Another, more affordable, option is Sparkol. To use their online software they either charge $22 a month or $189 per year. I’d very much like to see what it would cost to buy a software, but haven’t found one out yet. Any help?