Stopping Further Expulsion – All For One and One For All

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Civil disobedience worked in the USA to give blacks equal rights and civil disobedience will work in Sharonland to stop all future disengagement plans that may now be in the works. All that is needed in total unity. If the thousands of settlers and their many sympathizers who came to Yerushalayim a few days before Tisha B’av and literally closed down the entire city would be willing to remain in place and allow themselves to be arrested, there would not be enough jail cells in all of Israel to contain them. Israel can’t jail a hundred thousand citizens. No one leaves jail until every prisoner is released. While tehillim certainly helps, sometimes G-d wants us to do something down on earth before He comes to our rescue.

Israel has made many tragic mistakes in its past and the present expulsion of Jews is not the first one and I highly doubt will be the last one. It failed to pre-empt or be properly prepared for the Yom Kippur War and for that it paid a very high price in lives. The suicidal Oslo process was a dismal failure and tragic mistake even though some still don’t admit it.