The Final War of Gog and Mogog

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The last war before the arrival of Mashiach is called the war of Gog and Mogog. Many have speculated exactly who these two nations represent. It is rather interesting to note that when the letters of Gog and Mogog add up to seventy. Therefore, it may be possible that it refers to all the seventy nations. Only recently did all the nations in the world get together to insist that Israel give the Palestinians a state of their own despite the fact that this would certainly lead to war. The way things are going, with nearly every nation having its own atomic arsenal including Iran, it stands to reason that the war may indeed be a very short one. It’s mind-boggling to think what could happen if even a terrorist would get hold of such a weapon or if even one country would dare unleash such a weapon. All H-ll would break lose and the world would literally be destroyed by such a “Globel warming” disaster. Even the winner would have little to celebrate.