Finding the Greatest Weapon of Mass Destruction

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There is no weapon of mass destruction greater than the evil tongue. It has destroyed more people than all the guns and bombs in the world. Hotzoas shem raloshon horahrechiles and general gossip, have destroyed billions. Once destructive words have left the mouth, there is no way that they can be fully retrieved. With the help of modern technology, these weapons can go around the world in less than a second with deadly accuracy. With the use of cell phones, Internet, fax machines, hey are spread with the greatest of ease.

Words in the hands of a brutal dictator like Hussein or Hitler have been instrumental in murdering millions around the world.

Before you pull the trigger, make sure you have no deadly bullets loaded inside your mouth. Often we believe that our gun is empty even though it contains live ammunition. Dovid Hamelechwisely compares the deadliness of words to the swift shots of arrows. Had he lived today he would surely compare them to a nuclear explosion. Let’s just remember that while bombs kill only in this world, lashon hora andhotzo’as shem rah kill one for eternity, for the Rambam states that those who are guilty will not be allowed to enter Gan Eden.

Only when we begin to realize that the spread of gossip can be more devastating than an atomic explosion and its invisible radiation has killed more people than all the wars in history, will we put an end to this horrid sin.

Words are alive, and can be shot like a gun,

their aim is so deadly they can harm anyone.

Once they’ve been said, we’ve lost all control,

and if they are bad they’ll harm our soul.

Words said with hatred can easily inflame,

while words uttered with love can ease someone’s pain.

Words said with cunning can be used to deceive,

while words of wisdom can be used to appease.

Words can be shouted, words can be yelled,

words like sharp arrows are swiftly propelled.

Words show if we’re clever, or reveal a fool,

words are a human’s most valuable tool.

So make sure to think, before each word you say.

Let us not give, our olom ha’bo away.

It’s better to burn in a fiery flame,

than in public to cause our friend any shame.

Words can build and words can destroy,

or words can be pleasant and words can annoy.

Words can bring honor or bring abuse,

the words that we say, we must carefully choose.

Words are man’s special possession,

words are a mind’s verbal expression.

Don’t carry gossip, watch what you say,

never speak evil, in school or at play.

Words should be used in an encouraging way,

remember to say “Have a nice day.”

Make sure to greet those in your sight,

And always remember to be polite!

Words said with a smile, can make sad hearts glow,

it can make you a friend, out of a foe.

Words can bring sorrow, words can annoy,

words that are kind will bring people joy.

Words spoken at random without any rules,

are statements of nonsense uttered by fools.

If the value of words were a thing we could count,

then silence is worth twice the amount.

If we think before we utter each word,

then our tefillos in Heaven will surely be heard.

If we answer omein with our full heart,

it will tear a bad decree completely apart.

Words bring us closer, words can repel,

words can make friendships, words can expel.

With words one can help, a poor man in need,

and with words of compassion we’ll always succeed.

Words are like houses they can contain,

sacred meanings or the profane.

If we want them to reach, Hashem up above,

pack them in fear and wrap them with love.

Sticks and stones break only one’s bones,

but words can destroy all that one owns.

Sound travels quickly and reaches afar,

so make sure you’re never, motzei shem ra.

A word can bring sorrow, a word can be fun,

a heavy heart lightens when hearing a pun.

A word of reproach is a waste on a fool,

but a word to the wise is a powerful tool.

Words can be friendly, words can bring joy,

words can depress and words can destroy.

Words can elate, words can incite,

words can bring peace so that brothers won’t fight.

Words are compared to the Heavenly rain,

they can be beneficial or cause much pain.

When words that are nasty at others are hurled,

they’ll come back to haunt us, in the next world.

So be sure what you say, is pleasant and kind,

for the words that you utter reveal your true mind.

Words comfort a friend; words teach things you know,

sharing warm words is how friendships can grow.