Not All That Goes In Goes Out

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There are certain types of vessels such as earthenware ( clay ) that once they absorb something non-kosher, it remains inside of them forever. No matter how well we try to clean them out, some of the non-kosher residue remains within their walls. In fact, if earthenware contacts tumah, the only way to remove the tumah is to break the vessel. Immersing it in a mikvah will not purify it. The damage cannot be undone. Only breaking them will remove the tumah.

As over a hundred million people sat back and watched what “supposedly” was a clean TV sports program, they were suddenly attacked by a weapon of mass seduction as an indecent picture was flashed onto their screens. By the time anyone had the sense to hit the off button, it was already too late. The forbidden image had already entered their brain cells and it would remain embedded there forever.

The Torah clearly forbids one from looking at indecent lewd images. Not all that goes in comes out! The brain will never again be the same. The damage is irreparable. The brain is like quicksand, the harder we try to remove the forbidden image, the deeper and stronger it becomes imbedded in one’s brain.

And so while modern technology has brought great advances for Torah learning such as TorahPhone, tapes, and computer disks, it has also brought great dangers in its wake such as TV, video games and the Internet. Unless man learns to differentiate between the holy and the profane, the light and the darkness, and the good and the evil, we may chas v’shalom sink to the same level of tumah and immorality that pervades the Hollywood culture. The pitfalls are many. One doesn’t have to travel to Egypt to partake of its depravity. It surrounds us on all sides. If we don’t stand guard, it can even enter into the privacy of our own homes. The craving, temptation, and desire are greater than ever before. And so is the great reward for those that remain strong and faithful to G-d and our holy Torah and don’t allow themselves to be enticed by a world full of abominable sounds and detestable images that are nothing but the Yetzer Hara in disguise.