Shortening or Lengthening the Bed

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We are told that when guests came to the city of S’dom they were given a bed to sleep. However, instead of the bed fitting the person, it was the person who had to fit the bed. Sometimes it was necessary to stretch their legs and sometimes they would have to shorten them so that they fit the bed.

Nowadays, this is not only done to a bed but this is also done to every video production. The truth is either stretched beyond recognition or parts of the story are shortened with many of the important details left out.

When the media and Amnesty International are given a royal tour around Israel by their Palestinian guides, you can be sure that the truth was spliced out and additional pieces that weren’t there were added.

Recently, the French television has now been taken to court for falsely cutting up a video showing Israeli soldiers killing a child named Muhammad al-Dura while he was couched behind his father in the Gaza strip. It took 7 years for the truth to come out and the unspliced video to be shown.

Instead of the media explaining that Israel puts up fences in order to keep the terrorists from coming into Israel and throwing their bombs, they tell their people that it is done in order to prevent the Palestinians from entering their homes and getting back.

Every time a rocket hits Israel or a terrorist blows up some Israeli bus, they make no mention of the Road Map. It’s only when Israel finally retaliates, that Israel is blamed for breaking the one-sided cease fire and road map. When one lies down in a S’dom bed, either they will cut him or stretch him, just like they do to the news. They’ll never tell it as it is.