“Our Hands Did Not Spill This Blood” – Terrorist Killers are PA Policemen

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Guess what? According to Nfc, the three terrorists who were arrested for the murder of Ido Zoldan were Palestinian Authority policemen and  they shot and killed Zoldan in a drive-by attack with weapons that they received from Israel in order to fight terrorism in Judea and Samaria.

Shortly after the fatal attack, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced that he planned to allow nearby PA forces in Shechem to import 25 armored vehicles, 1,000 guns, and two million bullets.

And as more Jews are murdered by the very terrorist bombers that the government itself sets free in prisoner exchanges that make absolutely no sense, one wonders who can honestly declare, “My hands did not spill this blood.”

It’s a matter of record that the Intifada began immediately after Israel released thousands of suspected and actual terrorists and criminals from jail. It therefore comes as no surprise that many of them went on to spearhead the Intifada and turned out to be those responsible for much of the terrorism that followed. To continue to free hundreds of additional terrorists who show no remorse whatsoever, and whose hands drip with Jewish blood, and are in fact determined to continue their struggle for what they consider to be their homeland, can chas ve’shalom only lead towards an explosion of terrorism the likes of which can spell a national disaster. Relying on the P.L.O. to fight terror is no better than hiring the Mafia to guard Fort Knox or expecting a person to cut off his own head. The recent prisoner exchange only gives them the encouragement to continue their mad suicide bombings. During an address to a large crowd, Nasrallah, a chief Arab terrorist stated, that his organization would kidnap more Israelis in order to obtain the release of other terrorists imprisoned in Israeli jails.

Playing down, rationalizing or covering up Arafat’s Jihad rhetoric is exactly what many did when reading Hitler’s “Mein Kamf”. Reality screams out the obvious- Arafat is still the terrorist chieftain he always was. To trust a terrorist, whose hands drip with Jewish blood that he now wants peace, is to believe a terrorist that he will use an atomic reactor for peaceful purposes only. Only those suffering from self-delusion can claim these people did teshuvah. To him, it’s business as usual as he continues to glorify and aggrandize the “martyrs” of the Palestinian struggle while paying lip service to the condemnation of terrorism. It’s all just a ploy to fool the enemy. His promises to change their charter which calls for the destruction of Israel is as likely to happen as a snow storm in Eilat or the Klu Klux Klan denouncing racism.

Allowing a Palestinian state to be set up within short range of our cities makes about as much sense as allowing Syria, Iran, or Libya to possess nuclear weapons or WMD. It’s not difficult to predict on whose side Arafat and his thousands of Israeli armed henchmen will be if G-d forbid war ever breaks out between Israel and her “friendly” neighbors. While Israel’s own generals and security services keep warning of the great danger that lies in the wake of returning the West Bank, Sharon insists that he knows better. So did Chamberlain!

A government that rules with a majority that includes its sworn enemy has little right to call itself a Jewish government nor represent Jewish interests. While it claims to be a democracy, it uses its police and army to suppress all lawful dissidence on the premise that it harms the peace process. What peace? What process? Luckily you can’t gag or silence American public opinion as was done with radio station Arutz Shevah.

Arguing that there is absolutely no alternative to today’s peace process is no different than one who is about to commit suicide on the premise that there are no other options. As any person knows, not every problem has a solution. Any historian is aware that there are century-long conflicts still going on today, with no solution in sight. (Bosnia is but one example). Only a madman seethes with rage, fury and indignation at those who don’t permit him to commit suicide!

Venting his anger, venom and scorn at those who have chosen to serve in the army of Hashem by devoting day and night to the study of our holy Torah thereby protecting Klall Yisroel both in a spiritual and physical manner, shows how little he comprehends the lifeline of the Jewish Nation and the source of our existence throughout our two thousand year exile. It was certainly in their zchus that Israel was victorious in its many battles against far superior odds. One wonders how he explains his coalition partnership with Arabs who neither serve in the army nor pledge allegiance to the state. Just remember how they stood on their rooftops cheering, as Iraq’s scud missiles came flying over Israel’s skies. It’s these he now calls his brothers!

Calling Israel’s rights to its holy cities “an antiquated land-registry book” and just “a piece of real estate” shows how much value they place on Kedushas Eretz Yisroel and how much belief they have in

G-d’s given word to our ancestors.

No doubt, Sharon’s name will go down in history, alongside Yerovom, Achav, and the many other Jewish leaders that tried to convince the people that they were bringing the salvation.

It’s time our voices be heard loud and clear. Let the government know that we have no share in their warped and suicidal peace process. How tragic that in only 50 years we’ve already forgotten the lessons of what happens when you try to appease your enemy.

It is time we realize that the only solution to the present crisis is to make Eretz Yisroel a land in which the word of G-d – the law of Torah rules supreme!